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Dec 1, 2013 11:40pm EST
at books being published this week. president obama dropped into the washington dc bookstore saturday with his daughters malia and sasha to do some holiday shopping. when asked by a reporter what he thought he said he had a long list of books for readers five to 52. press reports say purchases included the kite runner and the heralbyharold and the purple crd the sports gene. earlier in the day president obama said something about the importance of supporting small businesses. saturday after thanksgiving has become known as small-business saturday. >> we haven't shopped here in a while. >> [inaudible] >> what did you buy? >> it is a long list, but some outstanding books i got a book for every age group from the five to 52. all sat? >> you are all set. thank you so much. >> okay. have a great holiday. [applause] [cheering] now joining us on booktv is kevin peraino, the author of lincoln in the world of the making of a statesman and the don of american power. mr. kevin peraino, what is the catch that you are taking with abraham lincoln? >> books about abraham lincoln but the policy is ne
Dec 7, 2013 3:55pm EST
clearly of african descent. porter began at least as african as barack obama but for the three weeks she was part of the all white jury? this is how the media works. put the case was coming to trial and what made it interesting. where the whole industry got behind the media the president the attorney general sending in the in the sand to a trial in a place he could not get a fair trial. with the research i have done i am used to exposing something than the media kicks the can down the road just one quick example i did a book 10 years ago in this story broke the news documentary out with six whistle-blowers yes we did cover it up so i felt vindicated i knew the major media would not follow up i was asked to be on and cnn to talk about it. only five or six minutes they have on another guy who produced about this documentary and they said i have one minute left the host says why is it a cover-up? i said let me just take one of the questions. why the cover-up? in 1996 a reelection in your of clinton and benghazi will but all he wanted to do just like barack obama is due kickback an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2